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Enable your employees call each other for absolutely free no matter where they are in the world
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21 December 2007

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Looking for a solution that allows effective communication between your employees located at different offices without having to pay long bills for the distance calls. Well you can make use of PC to PC calls or Voice over IP. But what if we suggested that can make the communication via wireless headsets or handsets that allow you to communicate without being attached to a terminal. Well all this and more is possible with OfficeSIP Server 1.0 that ensures connectivity for inter and intra communication.

OfficeSIP Server 1.0 supports a free Windows Messenger, so you can just install it and start talking. It enables the voice calling in the Messenger, X-Lite or any other open protocol SIP client that is software-based. With the OfficeSIP Server you can use the regular telephones and it also supports wireless headsets or handsets. You just need to set up the connection configurations and create an account with the messenger. You can add the contacts instantly and send instant messages to the other employees. It also supports the voice conversation and video conversations. You can even make changes to the Options to make the Messenger work according to your priorities. Log-in and start working with it to experience a better and cheaper way of communication. No matter where you are you can call your employees and communicate with them instantly and it is all for free. Simply connect the wired office phones or wireless handsets or headsets to the SIP devices and start communicating for completely free in a user friendly and convenient manner. The software is compatible to any Windows PC that adds to the assurance of no worries at all.

OfficeSIP Server 1.0 would help you to save your money for calls, especially the long distance calls that generates a large amount bills. You can use it for instant and easy communication with the multiple features that can be operated by any normal messenger user. For all these interesting features it scores a commendable 4 rating points.

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Enable your employees call each other for free with OfficeSIP Server.

Multi-office and trans-national corporations pay thousands of dollars for long-distance calls every month even after considerate savings made possible with IP telephony. Voice over IP is great for saving money on long-distance calls, so why not to make the next step? Enable employees call each other for absolutely free no matter where they are in the world!

With OfficeSIP Server you’ll be able to use regular telephones, including wireless handsets or headsets, and will never pay a penny for long-distance calls.

PC-to-PC calls were always a great way to save. Free calling between computers is fully supported by OfficeSIP Server. To make it simple, install OfficeSIP Server, run free Windows Messenger and start talking! OfficeSIP Server enables voice calling in Windows Messenger, X-Lite and similar software-based open protocol SIP clients. OfficeSIP Server is designed for IM, enabling VoIP
communications in SIP-compliant software and hardware clients.

Don’t like using computers for taking? Training employees costs more than anticipated savings? No need to change the workflow in your office! OfficeSIP Server allows using regular telephones for intra-office and inter-office calling without paying. Being a fully compliant, open-protocol SIP product OfficeSIP Server enables free VoIP communication between remote locations with no computers. Connect your wired or wireless office phones, handsets or headsets to inexpensive SIP devices and communicate for absolutely free in a convenient and customary manner!

OfficeSIP Server is designed for modern offices and runs on any Windows PC. No crippled command line and no config files to fine-tune. Install and configure OfficeSIP Server from within the comvenient graphical user interface. OfficeSIP Server requires minimum configuration and zero maintenance. Install OfficeSIP Server and start saving immediately!
OfficeSIP Server
OfficeSIP Server
Version 1.0
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